1. Get light weight fast Cash and Future real time data for AmiBroker & MetaStock
2. Continuous format Real Time tick data update during live trading.
3. Choice of scripts from more than 450 stocks.
4. Non delay and Fast data.
5. Automatic Data update in Trial version of AmiBroker also.
6. Last 5 day auto backfill for Amibroker
7. Highly accurate real time data for all symbols
8. Our software support all windows Operating Systems such as XP, Vista, 7 & 8 (both 32
bit and 64 bit).
9. Multi tasking servers to make sure smooth data transfer during market hours.
10. Our Data is very easy to use and Payment Process is also very simple
11. Lowest internet speed of 20kbps will also work with us
12. We Provide low latency real time data with super fast delivery. Tick by tick data with time
stamp of 1 sec
13. Thousands of satisfied clients and counting. Best Support for our software.
14. we offer remote support via Ammyy Admin
90 Days 1 Minute & 5 Year EOD Backfill
All subscriptions include MetaStock, AmiBroker Support
Updates in all software at same time (Saved Locally)
Can Perform Live Scan Query. As data is stored on Local Machine
Works on two systems alternately on 3 months or higher subscriptions
100 Symbols Per Exch can be selected.
Amibroker             MetaStock
MetaStock Data
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Real Time Data for Commodity & Currency

1. Real Time Light and Fast Data for Commodity & CURRENCY for AmiBroker & MetaStock.
2. Continuous Format RT Data update in tick during live trading.
3. Choice of symbols from 450 Scripts
4. Non delay Super Fast Real time live data.
5. Fully compatible with amibroker and metastock pro
6. Hight quality and accurate data for all symbols
7. RT Data support all windows operating system like XP, Vista , windows 7 and 8 and 8.1 (
both 32 bit and 64 bit)
8. Multi route channel servers for high quality data during market hours
9. Best and easy to use RT Data software with easy payment option
10. Works with low internet speed such as 2G or with 20kbps speed too

System Requirement

Our software is light weigth and runs on all windoes operating systems like XP,Vista,
windows 7 and 8 and 8.1 ( 32 bit & 64 bit ) works perfectly with 512 Mb RAM
Hard Disk : 4 GB and Higher
Resolution : 800 X600 and higher
Processor : PIII or HIgher
Free AmiBroker Buy / Sell Signals for Annual ClientsFree AmiBroker Buy / Sell Signals for Annual Clients
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