NLC RT Data - Real time data for Amibroker

Real time Amibroker Data, Live data for Metastock Charting software - Amibroker live data - Free Trial Available. Data feed available for Equity cash and Equity future, Fno ( stock future and Nifty Options), Commodity data, Currency data for equity and commodity, Agri-commodity data. Amibroker data feed, Market data provider. Indian stock market data, real time data provider for Metastock and amibroker real time charting software. Amibroker Data Feeder
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We provide real time data for amibroker and metastock charting software. The real time data feed which is NLC RT Data updates charts of amibroker and metastock with tick by tick (second by second) time frame in market hours. If at any day you start your data app late, you can download historical backfill in 1 min open high low close format from our dedicated servers. End of day data from bhavcopy is available free of cost to intraday subscribers.

NLC RT Data for Amibroker and metastock pro

NLC RT Data is developed to provide tick by tick data feed in Amibroker and metastock with high quality of data and low bandwidth usage

# No 1. Selling Real time Data software for Amibroker software
* Free EOD Data for Amibroker & Metastock

Historical Backfill Data

when you subscribe NLC RT data, you can download 90 day calendar day historical backfill data in 1 minute open high low close (ohlc) format.
EOD (end of day) data is free for subscribers of any intraday real time data feed. You can download eod data of up to 10 Years in bhavcopy format.

Real time data updation

Data updates tick by tick (second by second) during market hours and is saved locally* on your disk for exploration or other analysis purpose. All subscription includes support for Metastock charting and amibroker real time charting. With data saved locally on your disk you can perform live scan and buy sell query.

RT Data for Amibroker and Metastock

NLC RT Data gives you data of Indian stock market various exchanges like equity cash, equity future, nifty options, commodity and Agri commodity, currency for equity and commodity. With real time market data feed in amibroker and Metastock charts

Best quality RT Data

We Provide Best quality RT Data for amibroker and Metastock charts with delay of 2 - 3 seconds* for various Indian stock markets feeds. Data comes with Open interest with 1 minute historical backfill of 90 day in paid subscription and for 10 days in trail version of NLC RT Data

Real time data updation simplified

RT Data Features - RT Data for Amibroker

Real time data for various exchanges / feeds saves on local disk in c drive. We support 100 symbols per feed updating simultaneously working and compatible for VPS / dedicated servers or Lan computers. While you can add up to 100 symbols per feed, it is recommended to keep those symbols only which you trade or follow. As adding more symbols can slow down data updating speed in market hours deepening on your net speed or computer / laptop configuration

Minimum System requirements and OS Supported

Minimum requirement for running NLC RT Data are Windows XP with Service pack 3 and Dotnet 3.5 and Dotnet 4.0, Any version of windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 / 8.1 or windows 10. Dual Core with 1 GB of RAM ( 2 GB Recommended) with 20 GB of HDD ( free Hard disk of 1 GB minimum). Dotnet 4.0 or higher. 10 inch of screen is minimum

Free Buy Sell Signal AFL for Amibroker Charting software

Buy any intraday data feed for 1 Year and get any one buy sell signal from Top 3 AFL we have. These buy sell signals works well on nse cash, nse future, mcx commodity charts such as gold, silver, zinc, crudeoil, natural gas, etc. 

Live Data for Metastock

Live data for metastock is available via meta refresher for cash, fno, commodity, currency with second by second update and 90 day historical backfill and up to 10 year EOD (end of Day) data from bhavcopy

Free buy sell signals for amibroker

Get best buy sell signals for amibroker charting software free with annual subscription of any intraday feed.

Equity Cash

Real Time data for cash
Amibroker Data Feed
Equity Real time data feed
Best RT Equity Data
Equity Live Data
Equity Amibroker Data
Market data Provider
Live Data for amibroker

Future and Option

Amibroker fno data
Real Time Fno data
Nifty option Data Provider
Best quality RT data FNO
RT data for amibroker
Free Amibroker Setup
Fno Data Feed
Tick by tick Fno Data

Commodity Data

Amibroker commodity Data
Commodity Charts Live
Gold Silver Crude Live Data
Commodity Real Time Feed
Commodity Historical Feed
Commodity intraday Backfill
Commodity Historical EOD
RTDS Commodity Data

Currency Data

Amibroker currency Data
Currency Equity Data
Currency Commodity Feed
Real time currency Feed
Currency Data Feed Provider
Currency Live Data
Currency Live chart Feed

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